Case Study | Pride Road Email Design and Automation

Pride Road are an architectural firm that came to us in search of marketing expertise. They particularly wanted to draw upon our knowledge of email marketing and SEO to take their business to the next level, and help to transform it from a local business based in Manchester, into a national franchise with real clout and reach. 

“The key thing I wanted us to create for Pride Road was a seamless series of automated content that would progress each audience through the marketing sales funnel. By feeding, for example, prospects with examples of completed work, testimonials, and videos explaining the process, we wanted to design a series of emails that would gradually win them over to become paying customers.”

Adam Pritchard, Director

“One of our first tasks was to transform Pride Road’s general email output, creating a template and a house style that matched the aesthetic of the website. Selecting the font, hex colours, and image curation was key to this. I used my copywriting skills to establish a tone of voice that was informative, enthusiastic, one that would produce the right balance of formality and friendliness. Once we’d done this, we created a series of automations which targeted the various audience groups (potential franchisees, prospects, workshop clients, and so on), curating content and producing copy that would speak to each of their specific needs.

Abbas Ali, Marketing

“Ever since I founded Pride Road as a franchise for solo architects, I’ve always been convinced that setting up the right business processes was the key to scaling and growing the business.
Project Octo’s focus on email automation, and SEOhas allowed me put the right digital assets in place, and focus on other areas of my business.”

Lisa Raynes, Owner, Pride Road Architects

Engaging design and a clear strategy are the key components of our philosophy when it comes to email marketing. By carefully segmenting audiences, and targeting them with content, we are able to help our clients build a relationship with their customers over a period of time.

Combined with quality design for their marketing materials, and the SEO campaign that's seen a tripling of organic traffic, we're pleased to be helping Pride Road grow

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