Case Study | Integrity Automotive

Integrity Automotive is now an established car dealership near Ipswich, Suffolk offering luxury brand cars to a discerning public. When the company started life they needed a corporate brand that breathed quality and style - and integrity.

We took a very organic approach to this brand identity, as there were very few reference points. Exploring and understanding the motivations behind the founder's decision to start the business was the anchor point in all that followed.

Adam Pritchard, Director

The creative process took fives stages in all; from mood boards through sketches to final outcomes. For each, a strong variety of ideas was developed and discussed with the client, their instinctive responses setting the tone for what followed.

Ketan Mistry, Director

We really enjoyed Project Octo's style throughout the process - they challenged our beliefs, took time to explore ideas and we are really proud of the final results.

Paul Oakley, Managing Director at Integrity Automotive

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