Case Study | Increasing Organic traffic for Healthy Step

Healthy Step is a leader in providing insoles/orthotics & footbeds for the foot health care market for over 10 years with the NHS being the main source of income for their business. They came to see us to create a transactional ecommerce website in July 2015.

We designed and built a transactional website with our chosen ecommerce platform Shopit which allowed Healthy Step to sell their products in a simple and efficient manner. Over the years, we ensured that the website functionality kept improving and focused on improving rankings.

Over the past 12 months we reviewed all the content on the website with a view to rank higher for key generic terms, like 'Bunions' for example, as well as more longer tail keywords, all with the user in mind by ensuring the content was engaging and relevant to their journey. As a result Organic traffic increased by 63% over the past 12 months. This also resulted in a 25% increase in Sales and a 35% increase in sales value.

It was a very challenging process at it was about getting the balance between technical terminology that helped us improve rankings for conditions and ensuring that the content would still resonate with our target audience. Our productive collaboration with Andy Horwood, in house podiatrist at Healthy Step, was extremely valuable.

Anne Kelly, Marketing

We have worked with the Shopit system for over 3 years now and find it an incredibly user friendly and versatile tool within our business. Having used WooCommerce and other systems our preference has to be Shopit – the dashboard is easy for all members of staff to jump onto and the reports are so easy to access quickly. Working with the guys at Project Octo has allowed us to also customise it to our own requirements without huge cost and it has improved our sales instantly.

Tim Hall, Managing Director at Healthy Step

We've been incredibly pleased with the results of our opening year of SEO. Healthy Step's own detailed approach to manufacturing resonates with our commitment to quality in all we do, so it's great to be able to help. We now move forward by widening the strategy towards social engagement, remarketing and continuing the on site conversion work

Adam Pritchard, Director


The Project Octo team is focussed on results and helping our clients grow, so pooling ideas and strategies is important to us. It was also very important to work closely with the team at Healthy Step to get the best quality content.

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