Case Study | Increasing organic SEO traffic by 2,930%

Everyone wants more traffic. It's the nectar to the honey of any business looking to grow. As an experienced digital agency, increasing website traffic through organic SEO is the most cost-effective and long term strategy a company can take.

Dencover had rebranded their site with a previous agency and seen a huge drop off in organic traffic. In appointing Project Octo, we not only improving the return on their Adwords spend, we also set about increasing their organic traffic by over 2,900%.

Dencover's strategic change had lost them business - a nightmare scenario we had to resolve - and they had resorted to very expensive paid advertising as a result. Our strategy was to raise organic traffic by creating valuable traffic, whilst also improving the value of any direct spend.
Adam Pritchard, Director

The team came up with the idea to create a huge online directory of dentists to capture the people searching for their local practice, especially in emergency situations. The directory had to offer genuine value - addresses, directions and phone numbers - as well as gently pushing the message that Dencover could help.
Abbas Ali, Marketing

People often go to the dentist out of need, and as such they incur surprise costs. Dencover are perfectly positioned to ease of the burden of a £500 root canal bill, and growing brand awareness in the early stages increased the policy purchases over the course of the year.
Anne Kelly, Marketing

To see organic traffic rise YOY by 2,930% was phenomenal and put us back on the map. Combined with conversion rate optimisation to boost onsite conversions, and tactical email marketing to follow up, our sales went up 36%. We couldn't have asked for much more.
Ryan Slaughter, Dencover

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The results speak for themselves - great digital strategy brings great results.

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