Case Study | Growing Adwords generated revenue by 57% – for the same budget

Google Adwords is a wonderful tool for 'buying traffic' to your site. Some companies use it for brand awareness whilst most use it to gain actual sales or enquiries, and chasing those customers often means the campaign spirals out of control.

We have a decade of experience in managing effective pay-per-click campaigns across a variety of brands and industries, and when it comes to making your advertising work harder, our experience delivers astounding results.

Handling new insurance policy signups and claims on a daily basis keeps us very busy, so we outsource our digital marketing to keep it in the hands of experts in their field. We felt that our Google Adwords marketing could be more cost-efficient and so asked the team at Project Octo for their input.

Ryan Slaughter, Marketing, Dencover (Unum)

The Dencover Adwords campaign was blissfully simple and straightforward to begin with - keywords, adverts and landing pages correctly aligned for relevancy. But we still found incredible room for improvement by looking deeper into the user behaviour. By identifying which keywords, adverts and users were actually converting into sales - and on what devices at what times - we gave Dencover a watershed moment.

Adam Pritchard, Director, Project Octo

By segmenting the campaign to time of day and devices used, our understanding of the customer's behaviour increased. Once clearly identified, the PPC campaign was re-engineered accordingly towards conversions.

Abbas Ali, Marketing, Project Octo

The first 12 months saw a 39% uplift in sales volume for virtually the same budget. With a push towards higher end items as well, there was a 57% increase in Adwords generated sales value.

Ryan Slaughter, Marketing, Dencover (Unum)

Whilst saving Dencover money yet raising sales on their paid advertising, we also raised their organic SEO traffic by 2,930%.

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