Case Study | Driving down Adwords conversion costs

The importance of quick wins when beginning a long term partnership with a new client cannot be understated. No matter the three year plan, Directors and Managers of companies still want to see your qualities to validate their decision.

Thankfully many companies offer that opportunity in their paid advertising campaigns! As demonstrated in many other case studies of ours, we excel at reducing conversion costs and increasing sales for the same budgets across Adwords and Bing Ads.

"Although this client does not want to be named - due to the phenomenal cost savings! - the impact on their business has been significant. Our proven Adwords Analysis methodology meant we investigated over 8,500 customer journeys to identify the successes and failures of their campaigns. It was a huge data set that reduced potential variances and meant we could create amazing savings."

Anne Kelly, Account Manager

"Such segmentation was key to our Analysis and ultimately it meant a £37,000 saving with no real effect on the level of conversions. The client not surprisingly reallocated this saving towards schemes it had previously had on hold - not only SEO and Web Changes, but manufacturing issues too."

Adam Pritchard, Director

We help businesses become more efficient with their marketing on a regular basis; read how we helped Chase Templeton reduce their CPA by 86%, and how we helped Dencover raise sales by 57% from the same Adwords budget, whilst also increasing their organic SEO traffic by 2,930%.

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