Case Study | Chase Templeton SEO

As one of the biggest health insurance broker in the UK, Chase Templeton approached us to review their SEO and PPC progress, as they felt the previous agency was underperforming and distracted. After the opening consultations into the business model KPIs, the company ethics and the demographics, we made immediate improvements to their Adwords campaign.

Aligning that marketing expenditure with the SEO status was vital - they wanted a long term successful strategy and not just the reactive 'buying leads' approach of PPC. Our first year results were quite astounding.


"Google rankings were always a central part of our marketing plan, but results had not been good enough. We asked Project Octo to undertake a full review and develop a 12 month strategy to improve organic traffic and offer value to our customer base"
Lynsey Doran, Marketing - Chase Templeton

"Everything that had been very random before, was replaced with a co-ordinated keyword-focussed roadmap of content marketing and reputation building. The technical side of the website looked untouched - including a 2000 line htaccess file - so the team set about bringing the website up to modern standards"
Adam Pritchard, Director - Project Octo

"The first 6 months saw a 91% year-on-year increase in organic traffic which helped us believe in Project Octo's scientific methods. They unearthed some fundamental mistakes and points of failure, and corrected them to great effect. The traffic continues to grow from all areas and we feel that our marketing strategy is far more efficient and well planned going forward"
Lynsey Doran, Marketing - Chase Templeton

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