Case Study | Boosting Pride Road through SEO and Social

Pride Road offer a fantastic opportunity for architects to change the way they work. With a focus on residential projects, the franchise operation provides workshops for homeowners to explore their ideas and plans. We all get excited when watching Grand Designs on Channel 4, and now Pride Road Architects helps you work through those conversations about a dining room extension or open plan kitchen.

As the company looks to grow and take on more franchisees in key UK locations, they engaged us to help drive more traffic to the site, to gain more leads and workshops. A highly competitive arena, they wanted results for 'architect {location}' as well as specific searches closer to conversion i.e. 'kitchen conversion manchester'.

Our business is growing, gaining more and more attention from domestic clients and potential franchisees too, but we want to accelerate the growth of our company into a national brand. Having seen Octo's results for other clients, we were very excited to get in touch.

Lisa Raynes - Founder, Pride Road

We were very excited by Lisa's project and had several clear strategies to pursue. A combination of pure SEO to raise rankings, as well as creating awareness via social networks was vital - plenty of people talk on Facebook when Grand Designs is on TV and we needed that point of presence. Content generation was key - both for keyword targeting and also giving the audience something to share with their friends and family, building that excitement.

Adam Pritchard - Director, Project Octo

We also identified a conversion issue on the site down to its usability on mobiles (for those sofa surfers) and availability of architects in that area. We have continually refined and improved the user flow through the website based on Analytics data, and also created a postcode finder. This gave valuable data to Pride Road, whilst also helping potential clients feel at ease.

Tom Barrow - Designer, Project Octo

We are very pleased with our current results in terms of traffic and rankings, though we consider it very much a work in progress as we expand the site to cover the country. We have trebled the size of the traffic to the site as we've undertaken increasing SEO for architects Pride Road.


pride road organic traffic

Top results for 'residential architects manchester' and top page results for 'architect in liverpool' are only the beginning, though you can see the impact on traffic. As the company continues it national expansion, our project to drive even greater traffic will continue.

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