Case Study | 86% saving on Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a wonderful platform through which to get immediate traffic to a website. Creating a long term strategy based around the idea that £1 buys 3 clicks seems a simple enough business plan, but it can be easily relied upon - which is how costs and dependancy grow. Our 'Value Proposition' audit is aimed at investigating campaigns that have become unmanageable, unruly and too expensive.

We felt that the focus of our Adwords campaign had been lost by a previous agency, as more and more keywords and adverts were created that simply didn't generate enough business for us to continue it. We asked Project Octo to review our activity, upon which they applied a clear scientific and profit-focussed methodology to make changes.

Lynsey Doran, Marketing - Chase Templeton

Our primary focus for any form of marketing is the cost per acquisition - even The Apprentice has taught us that £1 should become £1.50. Upon analysis we found hundreds of keywords that had never converted into a lead, devices and times where adverts performed poorly, and an overall disconnected campaign.

Adam Pritchard, Director - Project Octo

Our recommendations meant that the CPA was reduced from £120 to £17 within a couple of months. We investigated the Chase Templeton internal conversion rate as well to see whether the leads were good quality, and made changes in direction from that too.

Codie Austin, Marketing - Project Octo

Reassessing the Adwords budget and making it work harder and more cost-effectively has allowed us to not only generate better leads, but also redirect budgets towards other marketing projects that have been on hold. We are very happy with the outcomes and Project Octo leading this change.

Lynsey Doran, Marketing - Chase Templeton

If you are interested in reviewing your Adwords campaign, get in touch. We offer a full analysis of your pay per click campaigns and their effectiveness, whilst balancing them against your longer term SEO efforts and site quality.

See how we raised sales by 57% for the same Adwords budget for Dencover, and another client for whom we saved £37k whilst maintaining conversion/enquiry levels.

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