We support our clients across a range of eight specialist services. We have incredible ecommerce experience, a deep understanding of offline and online marketing, and have grown industry leading brands beyond the reach of their competition. Our eight services were developed to cover every aspect of a company’s growth from the first website to international web platforms, from opening retail shops to boosting their global customer base over 1000%.

A multichannel, omni-touchpoint approach to business. Mainstream advertising to email campaigns to warehouse management.
We consult and deliver on the full lifecycle of a business.


Our design work is carefully considered, and beautifully executed. We pride ourselves on accepting nothing less than the very best, and draw on many years of design, UX, and UI experience. We work collaboratively to select the best pantones, fonts, and shapes, and always keep the focus on the brand.

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eCommerce was once seen as an easy way to trade, but has since become a more challenging method through which to be successful. Everyone is at it. Competitive differentiation becomes the game changer, the devil being in the detail. As leading developers of the multichannel integrated Shopit system, we believe in the detail. When the hardest of races are won by a thousandth of a second, our technical knowledge and software are that edge. Those who want to run enterprises need enterprise level thinking. Connecting the online store to the high street, and the warehouse to the delivery driver is what Shopit is about. Connectivity, integration, reliability – a single system that awakens an entire business.

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Mobile is very different to desktop and should never be considered the same – its a specialist art. Screen sizes, 4G speeds, page reloads, multiple apps open, limited time – its a very different way of shopping. Less browsing, more deliberate. Mobile customers demand an efficiency of information like never before. Fulfil the need, gain the sale and let them move on. Keep doing that and you gain brand loyalty, advocacy and repeat sales. Our culture’s focus on CRO, usability and data provide a progressive platform of digital evolution. We always want the experience to be better.

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A pillar of trade and commerce globally, the High Street has suffered since the internet boom, with plenty of businesses closing because of their resistance to change. Twenty years on and retail shops are now seeing the advantages of connecting the store with the web - increasing customer touch points, developing brand loyalty and being open for trade 24 / 7 / 365. The leading brands are those who have a single customer view, and complete multi-location inventory awareness, which is not as difficult as it may sound. We deliver full omnichannel management for our clients, connecting their store to their website, to delivery and routing software, to stock management. Shopit offers connectivity, integration and reliability – from a single system that awakens an entire business.

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Marketing is a central part of our service offering. Growth is always a requirement, and with customers scattered across multiple touchpoints your success is based on breadth, personalisation and consistency. Digital, in-store, offline – people still read magazines whilst holding their smartphone, before going shopping around town. The mediums change and multiply, and a centralised strategic roadmap is required to deliver your consistent brand message. The Octo marketing team’s blue sky thinking combines with an attention to detail that drives results. Measurable and reported results from planned, far reaching and creative campaigns. From core SEO and digital marketing, to retail ePOS and event management we take a holistic view to your success.

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Our export consulting services are one of the things that make us stand out from the crowd. The clients we work with are progressive beasts. Having achieved their UK penetration, they seek out new markets to break, new worlds to travel and new customers to please. Octo’s desire to remain progressive is what stands out to those clients who wish to take their eCommerce model to Ireland, Germany, the USA, or further afield. Big businesses think big. When our market research tells a client that the French marketplace is 3 times bigger, and our partners at UKTI have details on file of 17 possible distributors, ears prick up. The rest is making it happen. From strategic planning to logistical expertise, to digital rollout and legal contact, we make the path to unlocking more revenue streams an easier one.

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Support & Consultancy

Support means a lot to us. From ensuring your online store or retail premises works continuously and efficiently, to providing profitability and market demand analysis, we are here to help you be successful. The Project Octo team have management experience and offer experienced consultancy support to thriving businesses around the world. We help companies gain domestic market share and expand into international markets. We provide technology based answers to ongoing operational issues, and are there to support our clients 24-7.

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The diversity of business needs is vast, which is why we have been developing bespoke software systems for over 10 years. Creative, operational, and service-led ideas from our clients are the driving force behind our evolution. Octo delivers everything from software to processes, brand positioning and strategic thinking to meet our client’s commercial requirements. The answer is always yes.

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