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13th February 2014


Because your product data is responsible for the visits to your website. Many businesses going online spend an awful lot of time discussing the design of the website whilst experienced ecommerce businesses understand the value of good data.

Search Success

Good product data contains all of the possible phrases that your customers will use on Google and on your own website search to find the products they want. If they are looking for a ‘blue coat’, you better have your range of coats well described – even tagging the turquoise jackets with ‘blue’, ‘green’ to help them along.

search filtersCustomer Success

Good product data also contains sizes, colours and prices that customers will use to filter your range to exactly what they want. Ok so they said they wanted a blue coat –  what colours are available, and do you have their size?

Miss them off and you either have a lot of phone calls or customers leaving you out of frustration.

Multichannel success

Good product data also contains barcodes, unique identifiers, pack sizes and more. This is the kind of information Google demands for its Shopping channel. Without it, Google won’t know where to put you (or won’t allow you) – this includes EAN numbers and brands. If you have ambitions of listing on other sites like Amazon they will also want this data.

wireframing web designsInfluencing the Design

The amount of product data on offer can also often be an influencing factor in conversion. It can also play a big part in the website design itself, meaning you don’t have to wait for a version 2 or 3 from the designer, as they battle to include items the SEO team have insisted on.

Don’t worry that too many words will overload the page, as cunning design skills (tabs, rollovers, ajax coding and more) can still make the experience beautiful.

Hard works pays off in the end

If you want to be a success online it is just like wanting to be a success in sport, music or anything else really – hard work pays off because there’s always someone else out there too lazy to bother. E-commerce businesses that put in the long hours towards improving everything will ultimately be the successful ones.

Add Value

eCommerce sites will often feature the same product descriptions – because its easy. But if easy was the right way, surely everyone would be doing it? Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts explaining how a little bit of effort can go a long, long way.

Adam Pritchard

Founder of this agency and Shopit, Adam has nearly 20 years of digital experience, from the days of getting 3M and Pioneer UK web-friendly, to leading project teams on development and marketing projects for the likes of Tesco, Royal College of Nursing and National Tyres. Secretary of junior football club Winton Wanderers, most of the weekend is spent coaching kids, or reading the Sunday papers with coffee and cake.