Blog | Print overnight orders with two clicks

3rd September 2013

We thought this was so obvious, how come no-one else had thought of it?

quick order management

Shopit version 3 now includes as standard the ability to print multiple packing slips in one go. No more one-by-one printing out, no more trying to remember which ones you’ve done and which ones you haven’t.

Simply tick which orders you want to print off, and choose the option to print. And then go and make your coffee whilst the printer does its job.

Simple as that really.

Ketan Mistry

Creator of the beautiful Shopit eCommerce platform, Ketan’s background in design and development for the likes of Carcraft and Ability Superstore gives him the perfect mentality to problem solve. Whatever a client wants, a client can have. Family man and ideas guru, he is also an avid lover of films & animation, and has the widest music collection in the office. In 2016, Ketan emigrated to begin our Melbourne office.