Blog | Do you know your order profitability?

25th March 2015

Ever needed to know whether that last order was more profitable than the one yesterday? After all you had to source the stock from a different supplier.

We recently developed a bespoke module for key clients which plugs in to our ecommerce system (Shopit) that answers that very question every day.

Calculating your order profitability

The module is an orders spreadsheet which allows clients to add cost prices, mark true postage and packaging costs and other important information to any order. Any changes are calculated on the fly thus providing up to date profit data.

order profitability

Why did they want this?

Prior to the module being deployed, our clients were managing this data through a single Excel spreadsheet which was shared over the network. As you can imagine this spreadsheet would have become very large in filesize, slow to update and inconsistent over time with a higher risk of file corruption. It also meant that they had to manually copy and paste the order information into the spreadsheet everytime which was extremely time consuming.

With clients already heavily utilising the Shopit! Admin in nearly all of their daily processes, it made complete sense that the spreadsheet was integrated into the admin as well – the data was already there, so the whole process would be so much quicker than manually copy and pasting.

What did we do?

Our first step was to take a copy of the Excel spreadsheet, see what data we needed to display and capture and then figure out the calculations. Once we’d got this settled, a few modifications and additions to the database and we were all set to start coding. During the entire development phase, we ensured that the spreadsheet’s code remained flexible should any future additions be required.

Our last stage was to work on the user interface – a spreadsheet can be quite boring, and overwhelming – so we added a few colours here and there, and some javascript to make it easier to work with. All in all, the spreadsheet acts and works like a normal spreadsheet would, with editable fields and all.


  • Search filters
  • Live editing
  • Live calculations (no need to refresh the browser)
  • CVS export
  • Intergrates fully with our ecommerce platform (Shopit!)


  • jQuery/Ajax
  • PHP & MySQL
  • CodeIgniter


Our clients have been using the spreadsheet for a few months now and feedback has been really positive and it has speeded up their internal workflow considerably.

All we need now is a decent name for it! Any ideas?

Ketan Mistry

Creator of the beautiful Shopit eCommerce platform, Ketan’s background in design and development for the likes of Carcraft and Ability Superstore gives him the perfect mentality to problem solve. Whatever a client wants, a client can have. Family man and ideas guru, he is also an avid lover of films & animation, and has the widest music collection in the office. In 2016, Ketan emigrated to begin our Melbourne office.