Blog | Copy Product

18th May 2014

A simple yet highly important update, our ‘copy product’ feature takes the hard work out of creating new (similar) items to ones already in your inventory.copy product

With a click of the mouse, you can now copy all of the details of one product that’s already in your inventory, into a brand new product to be sold. You then edit the product code, EAN number and any other details you want and you’ve doubled your chances of making a sale.

In conjunction with our product variations option (where blue, red and green t-shirts all get sold on the same page as variations), you have more control over your product inventory and less time doing data entry.

Ketan Mistry

Creator of the beautiful Shopit eCommerce platform, Ketan’s background in design and development for the likes of Carcraft and Ability Superstore gives him the perfect mentality to problem solve. Whatever a client wants, a client can have. Family man and ideas guru, he is also an avid lover of films & animation, and has the widest music collection in the office. In 2016, Ketan emigrated to begin our Melbourne office.