Blog | In-Built Conversion Rate Tracking

4th June 2014

Each month we launch a new update to the Shopit eCommerce platform and this month sees some awesome new features. Here we are helping you check how (un)successful a product has been so you can make the right marketing decisions.Conversion Rate Reporting

If you have ever wanted to know how successful a particular product is then now you can. Instead of hunting through your stock movement reports, we can now show you

Identify who bought product A and market accordingly

Whether its for remarketing purposes or a product update/recall, you can now export a list of all the customers to have ever bought product A. You get their name and address details as well as email addresses so you can send them a beautiful sales email, or even a product brochure.

See actual related items and boost future basket rates

By seeing what customers typically add to their basket alongside product A, you can learn more about the shopping trends that matter. By knowing the truth behind people’s preferences, you can modify your pages and show related items based on cold hard facts.

Review the conversion rate of an item

We now show you the number of page views, basket adds and completed sales for any chosen product, as well as conversion rate funnel percentages. You can see what’s working and what’s not – and then take corrective action. Change prices, improve product descriptions and photos, or move to the top of the category – whatever it takes.

With such detailed information available at your fingertips you can make purchasing and marketing decisions quickly, without needing to scan Google Analytics or detailed spreadsheets. We know that you’ll find this product report so powerful you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Ketan Mistry

Creator of the beautiful Shopit eCommerce platform, Ketan’s background in design and development for the likes of Carcraft and Ability Superstore gives him the perfect mentality to problem solve. Whatever a client wants, a client can have. Family man and ideas guru, he is also an avid lover of films & animation, and has the widest music collection in the office. In 2016, Ketan emigrated to begin our Melbourne office.